What Matters Most?

Gordon Venturella

When comes to giving, it’s the motivation, not the amount, that matters.

I’ve never really disagreed with that. It’s just that when it comes to paying bills, I don’t know any creditor that takes “good motivation” as payment – even if it is from a church. It must be that motivation and amount both matter.

What kind of motivation will produce a sufficient amount so that God’s mission can be accomplished in a dollar and cents world? My experience has been that there is one motivating factor, above all others, that is essential for the right amount: A heart of gratitude.

If the cause is worthy – and the motivation is gratitude – then the amount will be generous.

A grateful heart – a gracious heart – is a generous heart and is the best antidote to a greedy heart. Greed, left unchecked, can consume us from the inside out leaving us with little to give. In contrast, a heart of gratitude is the surest way to obtain an enlarged heart that produces joy and fulfillment. When gratitude takes root in our heart we are first, last and always surprised by joy. We change our attitude with generosity and charge our lives with fulfillment we when approach life with thanksgiving.

If you want to amount to anything, focus on developing a heart of gratitude in yourself and others.