To Whom It May Concern:

Let me take a moment to express my appreciation and recommendation for the work of Gordon Venturella.

This past fall our church underwent the biggest journey of our lives – the task of raising millions of dollars for our first building. We are a 5 year old congregation consisting of a majority of our people who have little to no church background. Though they all knew we needed a building, they were not prepared to be asked to pay for it, let alone with gifts above and beyond what they already give. One of the greatest things Gordon provided for us was education as to why we give, how we give, what sacrifice entails, and how God always out gives us.

Besides Gordon's teaching, he provided the organizational leadership we needed to turn make this campaign a church responsibility and not just a staff responsibility. He mobilized our people into proper teams with clear cut job descriptions and initiatives. They responded with efficient and joyful work due to their clear cut goals.

At first thought, we assumed since our church was already 80% in small groups, the issue of team building and mobilization for a capital campaign would be easy and staff lead. But knowing what we know now, we would have never been able to pull of a 5.5 million dollar campaign without the leadership of Gordon Venturella. His direction and education turned our groups into work forces on the churches behalf… and thus provided for a near 100% participation rate from our people.

I would strongly recommend Gordon's services for your fund raising purposes.

God bless,

Rusty George
Lead Pastor
Real Life Church