June 18, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

I cannot say enough about the positive experience we have had with Venturella Consulting and Gordon Venturella.  He has brought a new level of excellence to a college that already had high standards.  He went above and beyond to serve us well.

Gordon Venturella enthusiastically helped us navigate a period involving support staff transitions and much-needed coaching.  Even though the entire department only consisted of no major gift officers, one full-time secretary and one part-time data entry assistant, he helped us maintain or increase giving in every category. 

With Venturella Consulting’s attention to detail and candid assessments about our past, present and future, failure was not an option.  We have been tempted to diversify and “grab the other rope,” but Gordon’s laser-focused mindset and accountability measures helped me personally understand the need and value of a well-run and strategic fundraising department.

Gordon’s plan from the very beginning helped me know what the finish line looked like.  I may have added a few requests to his plate during our time together, but his insight at the start of the relationship helped hold me accountable.  When the consulting was complete, no one had any doubts what we set out to do or what he had promised to deliver.  Mission accomplished.

Gordon’s insight and experience in team building, donor-centered fundraising, mentoring and campaigns have been well-worth the investment we made to bring him alongside our staff.  We not only have a ninety-day plan ready, but a five-hundred-day strategy and a case statement for the next one-thousand days.    

Venturella Consulting has changed our college’s perception of “consultants.”  I cannot imagine where we would be had God not allowed this partnership to develop.  I have heard the same accolades about Gordon from our executive vice president, chancellor and president as well.  Gordon has left us much better than he found us and always went the extra mile.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like further details. 

Mark Williams
Vice President of College Advancement